Decisions decisions

As the first web site ever created by B and me, we cannot decide which host and web builder to use so we are using 2, B is on Wix and I am in WP free service hosting on – both have plusses and minuses -Ii must admit its quite therapeutic, actually using my laptop for something useful for a change instead of for someone else’s gain !! Unfortunately its not very productive when we both do the same and then want to use our web site !! so we will use both and this one.

More Decisions

More importantly the direction of the bike rental business has required some thought – COVID will mean everyone has a staycation in 2021 . Lupiac was listed in the top 20 FRENCH places to visit in Le Monde a month ago. I believe Lupiac may suffer a tourist boom this summer – we had planned to start with just 4 bikes however now that is likely to 8. For every bike we own for rental, our overheads reduce. Below is a Rad Runner Plus , the first bikes we will receive next week. B is organizing assembly – watch this space for updates and maybe even a video.

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